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Hi! I'm Mich. I have a deep love for vintage fabrics and an even deeper love for mama earth. I'm trying my best to help her out by turning old and unwanted things into cool, comfortable, and totally unique clothes. 

I make everything by hand in my little basement studio with a stable of machines that work just as hard as I do. I source my materials from lots of different places including thrift stores, flea markets, and grandma's attic. I have a deep respect for vintage materials and only cut up things that I believe I can make better or more usable. There's so many amazing things out there that are hiding in boxes and bins and it's my job to bring them back to the light! 

Custom Orders
If you'd like to commission something special, I am always open to custom orders when I can find the time! Please send me a line via my contact page on this site or shoot me a message on Instagram. Let's chat about that special piece you just can't part with and what you'd like to turn it into <3

Where to Find Me
I sell my clothes on this site, but you'll get the full experience by finding me in person at markets in and around Boston, MA. Find out where I'll be on the Calendar page :)